FAQ Frame Homes

Our Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to build a House & Land Package Home?

    4-9 months on average depending on design.

  • Is the price negotiable?

    Yes. Based on the size of the home, finishes you would like and so on, makes the price negotiable for both house and house and land packages.

  • Can we choose our own interior colour scheme?

    Yes, you can choose your own interior colours, we also have a variety of colours put together by our interior designer which you can also choose from.

  • How am I able to keep track of the progress of my home build?

    We offer you a comprehensive project management software called Builder Trend, which we always update daily to keep you informed of the progress. Furthermore, Mark Frame or one of our friendly team will actively communicate with you every step of the way and we more than happy to assist with any questions, at any time!


    Working directly with Mark as the owner and master builder ensures that your experience with us is personal, seamless and one that you can enjoy.


    Our commitment to our clients is paramount. We are proud to have stood the test of time in our community as South Auckland’s new home build specialists.


    Attention to detail, meticulous execution, quality products, streamlined communication - every step of the way, we seek perfection.