Starting A new: The Excitement and Essentials of a New Build Home

So many of us dream of having a newly built, beautifully personalised home. With a new build home, you could have exactly that. A new home offers the opportunity to create a beautiful space that perfectly aligns with your lifestyle. Instead of having to painstakingly look for a home for sale that meets your needs, you can have one built for you in a location you love. 

From the design phase to the meticulous final touches, every step of the process is essential, 

Understanding New Build Homes

These homes, also known as custom homes or bespoke homes, are constructed from scratch on a vacant plot of land. Unlike purchasing an existing home, building a new home allows for complete customisation and personalisation. 

This means that every aspect of the home can be tailored to your needs. Whether you want a specific exterior look, a particular colour or fittings to suit your ideal living space, you can work with your home builders to design a home that perfectly suits your life.

Tips For Starting Your New Build Home Project

The idea of having a home that’s perfectly customised to your needs may sound like a fantasy, but it can become a reality if you make the right choices and pick an experienced company to help you. However, it’s vital for you to understand how complex a home-building endeavour can be and to proceed with diligence and care.

To help you out, consider these new home tips when you start planning your project:

Define Your Vision. Before you start anything else, take the time to envision your perfect home. Think about any factor that would affect your ideal dwelling, such as the size of your family, your lifestyle, your chosen plot of land and so on. A fun way to explore your possibilities is to go online and see what other new homes are like.

When you’ve gathered photos and ideas, make sure you save them somewhere easily accessible, such as on your phone or laptop. This way, you can easily show your home builders what you want for your future home. 

Set A Realistic Budget. Constructing a new home can be a costly project. Establishing a realistic budget is crucial so that your new build home project stays on track and doesn’t get more expensive than you can afford. Factor in all costs, including land cost, design fees, construction expenses, permits and contingencies. When you build with Frame Homes, we give you a fixed priced contract including design fees, full construction cost, fittings & fixtures & council consents meaning there are no nasty surprise bills at the end of your build. We will provide you with a full list of inclusions at the start so you know exactly what you are getting.

Research And Select A Reputable Builder. Choosing the right builder is perhaps the most important decision you'll make when building a new home. Research reputable builders in your area and review their portfolios, testimonials and credentials. Look for a builder with extensive experience, a proven track record of building beautiful homes and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

If you have any questions, make sure you speak to your potential new home builders beforehand to see if they’re fit for your project. 

Collaborate With Your Builds On Design. Once you’ve found your home builders, collaborate with them on the design of your home. While you may know what you want, they’ll have the expertise and skill required to take your ideas and translate them into realistic designs and feasible plans. If you’re still unsure what you want for your home, you can work with them, and they can make suggestions based on your specific goals. 

Select High-Quality Materials And Finishes. Investing in high-quality materials is key to ensuring the longevity and beauty of your lovely new build home. Luckily, your skilled home builders can suggest the best materials for your project that fit into your budget. 

Of course, aesthetics are also important. Choose materials that are durable and high-quality, but that also look wonderful and that align with your style. 

Make Your Ideal New Home Into Reality With Us

To see your dream home come to life, trust us at Frame Homes. Our design and build process is perfect for people who want to live in a new home that’s perfectly fitted for themselves, their families and their lifestyles.

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With Frame Homes, you’ll be stepping into your wonderful new build home before you know it.