Multi Generational Living

With the cost of living rising, multi-generational living is becoming an increasingly popular choice for many families.


By bringing together family members of all ages, multi-generational households provide an opportunity to create a unique, close-knit space where everyone wins!

The financial benefits

By pooling your resources it provides a opportunity for young families to get into their own home & frees up cashflow for grand-parents to enjoy their retirement. It allows families to enjoy the benefits of living in areas that offer better schooling & recreational facilities that they may not have otherwise been able to enoy

The family benefits

Multi-generational living offers a number of practical benefits. For instance, it provides grandparents with the chance to bond with their grandchildren and gives parents extra support in caring for their children.

The practicalities

When it comes to design, there are plenty of options to make multi-generational living comfortable, modern, and practical. The key is to create spaces that are versatile. You can opt to have a home & unit joined with garaging in-between for more privacy. Or talk to your architect about designing multiple-use living spaces to create two homes in one.
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