Choosing the perfect window coverings for your home

There's a lot more to curtains & blinds than stopping people peering in to your home at night.

They add insulation to keep you warm over winter, can provide shade from the glare of the sun in summer plus they are an important component in pulling together your interior style.

So what are our top 5 tips for choosing the perfect window coverings for your home.
1. Planning - Don't leave organising your curtains & blinds until the last minute. Make an appointment to take your plans alongs to see your curtiain specialist at the begining of your build so they can give you an accurate idea of what kind of budget you'll need to allow. If you are on a budget, we suggest spending the bulk on your money in the living, dining & main bedroom for maximum impact
2. Find your style - take time to look at inspiration boards & magazines that tie in with your style. Do you like soft & airy? Then sheers are a great option & can come with a backing for warmth & privacy. Or is classic more the look you are going for with thermal lined triple weave & a pattern. Maybe Beachside/Hamptons is your thing, then white wooden blinds are the way to go.
3. Functionality - Consider what the room will be used for? What time of day the sun will be streaming through.  And what kind of joinery do you have to cover? For windows facing out to the street, roller blinds or wooden blinds are a practical option to let light in but also provide privacy. Sheers or drapes are perfect to soften large sliders. And wooden blinds provide privacy for areas like the bathroom
4. Consider your interior paint colours when choosing your window coverings. Will everything tie in nicely together? If in doubt, take your interior colour scheme to your curtain consultant on your first visit
5. Consistancy - One thing people don’t think about is how the home looks from the outside. If you have blinds and linings in all different colours it will look inconsistent, so we recommend keeping these the same in all rooms that face out to the same side of the house.
Who would have thought just covering your windows would have so many options!