Guide to cleaning your heat pump

With winter approaching, it's the perfect time to clean the filters in your heat pump. Cleaning your heat pump regularly ensures optimum operation efficiency and reduces unnecessary power consumption. We recommend cleaning your heat pump as often as every seasonal change in order to utilise its full performance.

What you will need; Gloves & a Vacuum Cleaner

1. Before cleaning your heat pump, switch it off to ensure safety.

2. Open the flap to get into the inside of your heat pump. Once inside, be careful not to touch the metal coil/fins with your hands.

3. Gently removed the air filters & vacuum using the lowest setting on your vacuum cleaner

4. You can wash with a mild detergent & the leave out in the sun to dry

5. Once dry, return the air filters & close the unit back up

6. Please refer to the operating instructions of your heat pump for more information.

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you apply water to any of the inner workings of a heat pump