3 trusted types of cladding that will add style to your home

Which cladding you choose sets the tone for the rest of your house. We've rounded up our top 3 options for you to consider before you dive in to your next build

When planning a  new build, many of us will spend hours pondering different shades of white paint or selecting the perfect kitchen benchtop while paying little attention to what’s happening outside. But choosing exterior cladding is a major decision that will influence not only how your home look but how well it withstands the elements.

Cladding style, colour and texture are just the beginning; you’ll also need to consider factors such as cost, insulation performance, sustainability and durability. Researching what materials will suit your chosen style while offering the most up-to-date technology is a great place to start. By mixing & matching cladding styles, you also add an element of interest to the exterior of your home


1. Brick

You can’t go wrong with brick. Used to build and clad homes for as long as we can remember, it’s still one of the most reliable materials out there due to its durability, insulating properties, fire resistance and low rate of moisture absorption. It also ages beautifully and is available in a wide range of earthy colours & sizes.

We suggest checking out the range at https://www.thebrickshop.nz/our-range


2. Pallside Weatherboards

Palliside gives you the classic weatherboard look but is a hearty product that needs minimal maintenance. The beauty of PALLISIDE® weatherboards really is more than skin deep. Imagine not needing to paint your home again. PALLISIDE® colour is engineered into every length of weatherboard, so it will never need painting - whether upon installation or at any time in the future.

Proudly made right here in New Zealand, PALLISIDE® is a high-quality engineered weatherboard system designed for New Zealand’s unique environment, ideal for use in coastal areas and high wind zones.

3. James Hardie Linea Oblique

James Hardie Linea Oblique is one of our favs to use in a vertical application for gable ends. It adds a contempory touch to your exterior that's style will hold its own in years to come. This can be painted any colour, including the darker shades, without compromising its structual ability. It comes with a 25 year guarentee